Welcome to Source Vintage, an online vintage clothing store with a passion for promoting positive body image and gender neutral style. We encourage innovation and individuality in the construction of personal style, and are firm believers that such style should not be dictated by the perceptions and opinions of others.

There is a very narrow standard of what ‘beauty’ is in today’s society, which is not inclusive of people of all shapes and sizes or of non-conforming gender or transgender. To this end, our store is completely gender-less and we are dedicated to using models that fit the clothing, rather than making the clothing fit to them. Ultimately, our aim is to provide an online retail experience that is safe, non-judgemental, non-discriminatory and which is reflective of today’s society.


 Stephen & Liina

Stephen Wells

Hi, I’m Stephen, the founder and the ‘Right Hand’ of Source Vintage. This is a project/store which has grown out of shear disappointment and frustration with the high street stores’ failure to be inclusive or representative of today’s society. I am a lover of all things vintage and for me there is no better way to spend my free time than to have a damn good rummage through someone else’s unwanted treasures. I am an avid collector of vinyl records, shoes and coats, and a connoisseur of real ales and whiskies. I really hope you enjoy and grow to love our online store, and believe in the message that we want to spread to the rest of the industry and the world. Support us, while we support you. Come join the revolution!

Liina Turtonen

Hello, I am Liina the ‘left hand’ of Source Vintage. My journey with this company started a couple years back when my now fiancé, Stephen, told me about his love of vintage and his life dream to make a difference in the fashion industry. I am a music producer and a musician, who loves vintage clothing,  web designing and visual arts. Running projects is my second nature and this is why I decided to give my best friend all the support I could offer, and help him to make his dream come true.