SOME: Where Can You Find Us?

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As the opening day for our shop is coming closer and closer, we have opened several Social Media accounts for SV to share your favourite looks, talk about positive body image and show what we have in our lovely collection of Vintage Fashion.

You Can follow us on:

1. Facebook:

This is where you will find our best offers, new blog posts and where we can become friends.

2. Instagram: @source_vintage

Come and see portraits of the Source Vintage life and exclusive shots from photoshoots from behind the scenes.

3. Twitter:@source_vintage

Whats on your mind? Whats on our mind? Lets talk and find out.

source_2702_04274. Pinterest: Source Vintage

The gallery of style, outfits and pins full of inspiration.

source_2702_02985. Snapchat: SourceVintage

Well this is just us, team SV being ourselves. We will promise nothing too serious.

Snaps and chats from our daily life.


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