6 SV Holiday Essentials

1. Tribal Print Skirt

A cool lightweight skirt, perfect for slipping on over your swimwear for those long post beach cocktails.

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2. Stripy Summer Dress & Vest

Lightweight and breathable, the perfect day wear for those adventures into neighbouring towns and cities.

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3. Floral Play Suit

It’s not called a play suit for nothing. This is perfect for the beach, the bar and for day trips. Easy to slip on over your swimwear to cover those beautiful sun drenched bodies of yours.

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4. Goldenrod Shorts

Chic short shorts, ideal for day time explorations and dressy enough for the evenings.

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5. Strapless Slit Dress

Stylish, sassy and sexy! It’s party time!

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6. Wine Red Jaeger Corduroy Jacket

A statement piece for those late evening meals and after dinner walks along the seafront.

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