SV’s 7 Favourite Androgynous Style Blogs You Should Know About

1. DapperQ

“This is the Tumblr presence of, the premier style website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals. Our Tumblr page provides just a small glimpse of our projects, articles, and fashion shows.”

Instagram: @dapperq

Twitter: @dapperQ



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2. Dapper Tomboy

“Dapper Tomboy is a style blog for people breaking barriers of gender biased fashion. No matter your gender identity or sexual identity being a dapper tomboy is about expressing yourself through your fashion. Whether you represent as someone who is gender-bending, androgynous, alternative, or a tomboy this blog is to help you be yourself.”

Twitter: @dappertomboy

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3. Qwear Fashion

“Founded in 2011 by Sonny Oram, Qwear celebrates the styles of people who experience fashion from the outside looking in. We speak with brands and press about queer fashion needs, including the Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed, and We also highlight up-and-coming brands that cater to underserved demographics. Our inspiration provides a space void of the strict beauty standards of mainstream media and works to celebrate all bodies, abilities, races, and identities.”

Instagram: @qwearfashion

Twitter: @qwearfashion

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4. Switch Teams

A beautiful mix of the owner’s own outfits and styles and photo inspiration.

Instagram: @lily0e

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5. Tomboy BKLYN

“We are Ashta Hunter and Elizabeth Benzing. After working ten years as designers in the fashion industry we started Tomboy BKLYN. As women of color, we observed that there was no platform for showcasing or representing our point of view on non-mainstream femininity or fashion. We are creating a community that encourages expression of originality and diversity of body type, sexuality, and culture. We recognize that if we are feeling isolated from the conversation around fashion, that others must be too. Tomboy BKLYN is the link between style, sexuality, and feminism.”

Instagram: @tomboybklyn

Twitter: @tomboybklyn

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6. Tomboy Femme

“Tomboy Femme is not sex or gender. It is style.”

Instagram: @tomboyfemme

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7. I Dream of Dapper

“I Dream of Dapper (IDoD) was created to extinguish the idea of “menswear” or “womenswear” as an acceptable label for fashion styles.

As a female-identified individual,  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve found myself looking through pages of a “womenswear” blog searching for a woman I can identify with. This idea of womenswear as skirts, dresses, flowing blouses, and heels does not encapsulate the self-expression of all women.

As women we are not constrained to this traditional idea of women’s fashion. We can be women in ties, women in button-ups, and women in dress shoes.

If you identify with this movement know this, you are not alone and in time we will prove this binary dysfunctional.

Clothing does not make an individual more of a man; it does not make them less of woman.”

Instagram: i_dream_of_dapper

Twitter: @idreamofdapper

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