Introducing Hannah – English Rose, Body Posi & Vintage Queen

Hello darlings,

My name is Hannah ~ I am 19 years old, a species of English Rose, Fine Art student and baby of the Source Vintage family. I am an avid lover of kitchy bric-a-brac, old musicals, the scratchy sounds between songs on records, flowers, clothes that smell of mothballs and all things charming.

My personal style is heavily influenced from the fashion of the 1950’s through to the late 1960’s. I’m typically drawn to pastel colours, florals, quirky prints anything that makes me feel sweet and whimsical.

My wholehearted love for vintage started a few years ago in 2014 when I was looking through my grandmothers old wardrobe. Whilst I was admiring all of her lovely clothes, she was storytelling memories and the places where she’d worn them. I think there is something really lovely and special about having a relationship with garments and the owner.

When you’re searching through vintage, the eye you have for a garment that stands out to you is a rather beautiful thing. There is something about it that you fall in love with and feel personally drawn to, (the pattern, colour, the fit etc) and it’s special knowing it was once owned and is furthermore adored and the way you style it is marking your own personality on it.

I’m super delighted to have a space on here. I’m really excited having the opportunity for sharing my passions for vintage gems and retro styling. I also want utilise this space to talk personal about my ever-growing journey with self love and confidence – with discussions of the stigmas and issues surrounding body image. I really want to create an atmosphere to you that will be positive and empowering. I can’t wait to write to you again my dear!

With love,

Hannah x

♡ Instagram ~ @babypowderpuff

♡ Twitter ~ @rosyapplecheeks

♡ Pinterest ~ @roseblushcheeks

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