Hannah – Vintage Finds & How to Style Them

Dearest sweethearts,

In January 2017, in my town at home in Scotland, Source Vintage held an absolutely super kilo sale full of vintage goodies. This was where I also first met the ever so humble and lovely Stephen and Liina for the first time. I was so amazed of their passion for promoting body positive image, gender neutral style and how fashion is labelled/represented.

Here are a few of the many beautiful gems I have treasured from Source Vintage. (These photos have not been photoshopped- only filtered!)

My first item is this sweet little yellow sweater. This knit is light enough to wear on a Spring day, but also perfect for layering and keeping snug when it’s a little chilly outside. The delightful colour really does makes me feel like sunshine!

I love wearing this top with this floral 1950s inspired circle skirt which has some hints of yellow to compliment the sweater. I then always wear a petticoat underneath to create the fullness of the skirt- and also feels really fun swaying and dancing around in!

This wicker straw woven basket is utterly adorable and winsome. After I bought this little dainty basket from the sale I decided to add some decorative flowers on top to enhance it’s real charming character.

It may be a little unconventional style compared to a modern handbag, but this has been a lovely accessory adding a perfect touch of 1940s/Mid century pleasance. It’s rather light and spacious enough to fill with the essentials like my phone and some blusher. I find this a great addition with me on chilled Summer days and cute dates by the river.

I fell in love with this 1970s/1980s dress the moment I saw it browsing through the racks. I seem to have a magnetic attraction to anything floral! and I adore its lovely, quirky, ruffled trims with a sublime print of flowers in colours of pink, turquoise and mauve.

Wearing this efflorescent dress makes me feel ever so whimsical and quaint!

Until next time my dears!

With love, Hannah


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